Are banks open during lockdown?


Boris Johnson announced on October 31 that England will be put back into a national lockdown from November 5 until December 2. Non-essential shops, pubs, bars and restaurants will have to close for the duration of the lockdown, as will gyms and leisure centres. However, some businesses and services deemed essential will be able to remain open throughout the lockdown.

The Prime Minister explained during the Downing Street press conference: “From Thursday until the start of December, you must stay at home.

“You may only leave home for specific reasons, including: For education; For work, say if you cannot work from home; For exercise and recreation outdoors, with your household or on your own with one person from another household; For medical reasons, appointments and to escape injury or harm; To shop for food and essentials; And to provide care for vulnerable people, or as a volunteer.”

The lockdown is expected to last from Thursday, November 5 until Wednesday, December 2.

During this time many businesses considered non-essential will be expected to close.

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The Government guidance for the new lockdown has also outlined that garden centres can remain open.

Public services such as job centres and the courts will also remain open during the lockdown.

Childcare venues will be allowed to stay open, and support groups with up to 15 people will also be permitted during lockdown.

Workplaces will remain open for employees who cannot work from home.

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